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The games are 5 v 5 (4 field players plus a goalie per side). Participants must be 18 years of age or older. Co-ed encouraged with no restriction on male/female ratio. $40 per player, minimum of 7 players per team.


  • 18+ eligible to participate.
  • 5 v 5 soccer tournament.
  • Co-ed encouraged with no restriction on male/female ratio.
  • If you are registering as an individual and would like to be placed on a team, register as a â??free agentâ??. 
  • Each team member must bring a photo ID to the tournament in order to check in.
  • There will be two divisions: (i) recreational and (ii) competitive and, subject to availability, your team will be placed in the division specified in your submitted Team Form. 
  • Champions league format (group play followed by playoffs). Each team is guaranteed to play at least 3 games. Followed by single elimination playoff rounds. 
  • Ties will be settled in shootouts where each team selects three (3) players to shoot. If the shootout results in a tie, it will continue with one (1) new shooter from each team until a team wins. 
  • Each team will receive jerseys, which must be worn during match play.
  • FIFA rules apply, except there will be no offsides and no slide tackling.
  • Turf or molded cleats only. Shin guards highly recommended. 
  • Kick-ins, instead of throw-ins.
  • No fighting or foul language will be tolerated. The Organizers and referees reserve the right to eject any player for fighting or excessive foul language. 

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